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The Beginners Guide To Marijuana (Getting Started 101)

The Beginners Guide To Marijuana (Getting Started 101)

5 Important Things That You Need to Know about the Effects of Weed to Your Body

Weed, has always had a bad perception from those who do not use it. You will find a lot of people viewing users as helpless. What most people do not know is that you can quit using weed whenever you like. The dependence level for this drug is way lower than that of heroin or tobacco. Outlined below are some of the things marijuana does to your system.

Weed Helps to Spark Creativity
Many people claim to have epiphanies when they are high. You will find artists accrediting some of their best pieces to weed. It is no longer just a rumor; weed does help people become more creative. Weed influences creativity through changing the functionality of the brain. This drug makes your ideas more vivid through influencing how your neurons relay messages.

Helps to Boost Your Libido
Something else that marijuana does to your system is the enhancement of your sex drive. Marijuana naturally helps to make your senses more alert. Because the sense of touch and sight are elevated, it becomes easy to get excited. On top of that, weed raises the heart rate. If low sex drive is something you go through, marijuana is a natural way of sorting this issue.

Gets Rid of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
The use of marijuana has been known to reduce the symptoms of IBS. According to studies, patients suffering from ulcerative colitis which is an inflammatory bowel disease benefit from weed. Weed can get rid of the inflammation which is a symptom of these type of diseases. Studies indicate that those patients who have used weed to treat inflammatory bowel diseases have experienced relief within a short time. It is important to note that most people who use weed to treat these diseases must use it in high dosages for the effects to kick in.

Reduces Seizures
Epileptic patients can use weed to reduce most of their seizure episodes. In fact there is a drug that contains Cannabidiol that is being made for epileptic patients that is yet to be approved. Scientists guarantee that this new drug can be used in treating epileptic seizures.

Used to Stop the Spread of Cancer
This is one of the most significant advantages that you can get from weed. The chemical Cannabidiol which is found in weed has been known to stop cancer from spreading. According to research, those cancer patients who use marijuana record an improvement faster than those who do not. The multiplication of cancer cells in the body can be reduced using Cannabidiol. Improvements have been witnessed with different types of cancer such as throat cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer and many more. Additionally it is important to note that unlike tobacco that causes lung cancer, marijuana does not.

If you use marijuana, you should consider when and where you use it especially if it is at work. Marijuana can stay for a while in your body, and some bosses may insist on drug tests depending on your career.

Understanding Marijuana

The Art of Mastering Marijuana