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A Comprehensive Home Termite Treatment For Best Results

A Comprehensive Home Termite Treatment For Best Results

Termites are a nuisance in most homes, and getting rid of them is not easy. There are some who do it, but note that wrong application of the chemicals to get rid of the termites, or even following the wrong procedures will render the process less effective. Although some feel that they may save some costs when they do the job themselves, the truth is that a professional termite treatment works offer better results.


The top termite control companies offer service backed by guarantee, meaning that they will come and redo the job if the termites are not completely eliminated after the initial treatments. Sometimes, the first treatment may not get rid of all the termites, especially where they have attacked dry woods, and there may be need of repeat treatments.


The two major treatment options.


For home termite treatment there are two main methods –


  • Use of termiticides (liquid termite insecticides). This is used to treat the soil and serve as a barrier for future attack by termites.
  • Use of baits.


Use of termiticides:


Termiticides are used to treat the soil and create barrier which prevents entry of termites in to the structure. The treatments can also prevent the termites which could already be in the structure from getting soil which in turn produces the moisture which they require for survival. The liquid termite method gives better results. The solution should be applied very close to the established termite manifestation.


Professional termite control company services are needed where drilling through slab or concrete is needed in order to access the soil, pumping the solution in to the soil underneath the concrete or slab also needs expertise and sue of special equipment which most homeowners do not have.



In homes where there is crawl space, the termite pest control solution should be drenched around the home. Most of the chemical barrier pesticides in the market last between 5 and 8 years. Thus, this use of chemical barrier should not be adopted as the only method of controlling termites in the subterranean climates.


Termite baits:


There are many termite baits in the market, mostly in the form of substances which can be placed directly to the ground, around the structure or inside, depending where termite manifestation is present. The termites feed on the baits and they die. This is a simpler process than the injecting of chemicals in to soil, a task which may be difficult where the solution has to be applied under concrete or slab. Baiting of termite colonies is very simple as you just apply the bait directly on them.


Some of the baits in the market also serve as monitoring tool which detects termites even before they manifest. Termite baits are the best option in areas or structures where termiticides cannot be used, such as for example near water bodies. In areas where pesticide use is not recommended or barrier treatments have failed, baits are the only viable option.


How much will it cost?


A guide to termite treatment cost is important in helping you decide on the best option. Well, note that the cost of termite treatment mostly depends on the size of the areas that needs the treatment, and the volume of bait or termiticide used. Higher volumes of bait or termiticide mean higher cost.